Women in Oregon, an unacceptable state.

If you haven’t seen the report, Count Her In, I urge you to do so.

Rates of poverty, depression, sexual assault and domestic violence, inequity and injustice are unacceptable.

Count Her In Findings

Among the report’s key findings are the “Eight That Can’t Wait”—a set of profound inequities and startling challenges faced by Oregon’s women and girls, including:

  • Over 1 million Oregon women and girls have experienced some form of sexual or domestic violence, one of the three highest rates in the nation;
  • Poverty rates for women of color in Oregon are twice as high as those of white women;
    Childcare costs in Oregon are among the highest in the nation;
  • The wealth gap for Oregon women is among the worst in the nation; and
  • Oregon women have the single highest incidence of depression in the entire country.

Count Her In also found that Oregon’s women and girls contribute more than their fair share toward making the state a great place to live. For instance, women in Oregon:

  • Perform 2 billion hours of unpaid caregiving;
  • Hold nearly 70 percent of the state’s educational occupations and over 80 percent of the state’s healthcare positions; and
  • Donate both time and money at higher rates than both Oregon men and women in most other states.

The report lays out actions Oregonians and leaders can take.  Finding common ground was one. 

“The issues identified in this report – like safety, opportunity, and education – are not inherently partisan issues. We can and should find innovative solution that work.”

It’s time.


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