Gallia Campaign Kickoff was a huge success!

Wow! Thank you Pamela White, Robert Bitter, Leesa Azar, Irene Konev, Canby City Council Candidate, and Representative Brent Barton. You made this kickoff a huge success!

kickoffThe turnout was great. Thank you all for attending! We raised more than expected. More importantly, there was a strong sense of solidarity and such an intense and clear focus on social justice, it was truly  empowering! kickoff

Representative Keny-Guyer you are just terrific, your support and kind words mean so much.

Sarah Spoon , who is running for Canby City Council, Rita Moore, candidate for Portland Public Schools, and Clackamas County Democrats Chair, Rosie Stevens, also took time out of their extremely busy schedules to show their commitment and support!kickoff

I am so pleased and honored to work with such an incredible team.

We can do this!

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